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FocknRollers™ on the Silver Screen

new-movie-focknrollersTheres a brand new look to these great musicians brought to you by Blan Alaruce (WTACSS 24). This new Rockumetary is coming to a cinema near you in July says Blan Alaruse and you had better be ready for it - the FocknRollers™ have a big effect on anyone who watches them.

Updated: August 10th 2012


FocknRollers™ new Rockumentary Movie

FocknRollersBlan Alaruce, the world famous interviewer (of channel WTACSS 24)  is making a Rockumentary film about the FocknRollers™ as you have never seen them before. This world famous underground band is set to tell all in this new movie coming soon

Updated: August 8th 2012


FocknRollers™ Rock LA

focknrollers-gigsThe FocknRollers™ are set to rock LA over the coming few months - check out these guys if you think you know all about Rock Bands - then think again - these guys are the REAL deal.

Updated: August 7th 2012

The FocknRollers™ - The REAL Deal Rockers

FocknRollers™ make it big

Stop Press: The FocknRollers™ Rock band are in town and you had better believe these guys... they're out to raise some hell around here and you can bet they will some place near you soon.

Band Members include ' Mingwie YellScream' a well known guitar god since the end of the 60's and his best and only other permanent band member 'Carless Sultana'. Other musicians (excluding drummers) are hired and fired by the bands manager.

Some say that these two were right there at the start of Rock and have just gravitated to the top over all those years, where they have now become 'underground' legends.

And how these guys know how to party, recently they had a massive fight in downtown LA in one of the best hotels there, but as usual they managed to pay off the manager and get away scot free without even raising an eyebrow.

Some of the scenes in the movie have to be seen to be believed! Scenes like the 'drier balls' scene, the 'coke' scene, the 'animal' scene, the 'sweep picking' scene and even how they use the 'bathroom' in the studio... its all hard to believe but perfectly true probably.


Blan Alaruce Interviews

Blan Alaruce the well known TV (WTACSS 24) Interviews the FocknRollers™


At last the movie has been released to rapturous reviews and over 80000 viewers in the first hours... spend time to understand why these guys are so revered. Watch the movie.

Check out these trailer videos too:



FocknRollers at Huntington Beach CA.


FocknRollers 'Carless Dream' Scene



Blan Alaruce commented ' It was a great pleasure to interview these massive top of the line innovators and to see exactly how they work their in the studio under real pressure'. Blan Continued 'It's one thing interviewing people like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, The Beatles or the Stones, but its a whole new ball game with the FocknRollers™ - you never know what's coming next.'

Blan told us 'Y'know what, when you're interviewing in this way its possible to get a real insight in to the lives of these guys, how they live for real,  and to find out some of the trade secrets to all that tone they achieve on that vinyl, cd, DVD and of course streaming music and video'. He continued ' I'm going to get all the background to these guys that anyone could and make a serious rockumentary film that is sure to be the highest ranking film in its class ever made'.

 A recent Trailer for the movie the 'FocknRollers' rockumentary from WTACSS24 NEWS

Somehow we can't wait to get the lowdown from Blan and with his reputation coming before him, we know that Blan is the man to get the low down and dirty on those boys and to wheedle out how rock stars live on a day to day basis. And he sure did.

It was inevitable that this movie got released. The FocknRollers new Movie was watched by over 80000 within just hours of being released. Watch it now, hang on, strap yourself in, we're goin to meet the FocknRollers™ and its goin to be a hell of a ride.





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