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FocknRollers™ on the Silver Screen

new-movie-focknrollersTheres a brand new look to these great musicians brought to you by Blan Alaruce (WTACSS 24). This new Rockumetary is coming to a cinema near you in July says Blan Alaruse and you had better be ready for it - the FocknRollers™ have a big effect on anyone who watches them.

Updated: August 10th 2012


FocknRollers™ new Rockumentary Movie

FocknRollersBlan Alaruce, the world famous interviewer (of channel WTACSS 24)  is making a Rockumentary film about the FocknRollers™ as you have never seen them before. This world famous underground band is set to tell all in this new movie coming soon

Updated: August 8th 2012


FocknRollers™ Rock LA

focknrollers-gigsThe FocknRollers™ are set to rock LA over the coming few months - check out these guys if you think you know all about Rock Bands - then think again - these guys are the REAL deal.

Updated: August 7th 2012

About the FocknRollers™


So who ARE these Dudes? They look slightly familiar?

Well, its a fact that if you have never been to one of their gigs (or all night parties often underground) then you might be forgiven for not knowing the FocknRollers™.

The band has two permanent members comprising of ' Mingwie Yellstream' a well known guitar god since the end of the 60's and his best and only other permanent band member 'Carless Sultana'. Now these guys really know how to rock - its all over their faces and in their music.

The Early Years:

You might not believe that these guys used to hang around with Albert Collins, BB King, David Crosby, Steve Stills, Joe Cocker, Shanana, Mountain, Eric Clapton and  Dwayne Allman and of course Jimi himself.

And with that sort of background history, these guys crawled through the background of all those early years, lived through the 70's and 80's and the 90's to come out the other end of a really fantastic life and times in a rock band almost like no others. It's true those days have left their scars on these two guys, but Carless recently commented 'Well dude, you could say that, but we loved every minute of it and would never go back' Carless continued 'But one thing dude is for sure, there ain't no one like us and the stories we could tell yall'.

Today in the FocknRollers™ world

Things have moved on since those early years, and there's a new emphasis on older rock bands now that the punk and grunge era has wilted a little. And guess what? The FocknRollers™ have been waiting - and now it 'their time' again. Be prepared - or try to be because there is NOTHING like a face on interview with the FocknRollers!

Blan Alaruce a well known interview name and one time anchor man (of WTACSS 24 TV Station) has recently interviewed the guys to find out some of these fantastic stories from the FocknRollers directly. Fortunately Blan filmed the whole deal and came away with a brand new film to be released worldwide in July 2012 so you can get to see everything about these guys, what they have been through, about some of those wild parties that often went on for days in LA, and about the 'underground' scene that these guys are really going down well in at the moment.

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