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FocknRollers™ on the Silver Screen

new-movie-focknrollersTheres a brand new look to these great musicians brought to you by Blan Alaruce (WTACSS 24). This new Rockumetary is coming to a cinema near you in July says Blan Alaruse and you had better be ready for it - the FocknRollers™ have a big effect on anyone who watches them.

Updated: August 10th 2012


FocknRollers™ new Rockumentary Movie

FocknRollersBlan Alaruce, the world famous interviewer (of channel WTACSS 24)  is making a Rockumentary film about the FocknRollers™ as you have never seen them before. This world famous underground band is set to tell all in this new movie coming soon

Updated: August 8th 2012


FocknRollers™ Rock LA

focknrollers-gigsThe FocknRollers™ are set to rock LA over the coming few months - check out these guys if you think you know all about Rock Bands - then think again - these guys are the REAL deal.

Updated: August 7th 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about the FocknRollers™

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  1. How do I learn more about the FocknRollers™... ?
  2. Where can I find the Band Playing... ?
  3. Why doesn't my Record Store have their music... ?
  4. Who is Blan Alaruce ... ?
  5. What is 'underground'... ?
  6. When is the Movie out... ?

How do I learn more about the FocknRollers... ?

  • Check this site frequently, but you WILL hear about them in the general media and there are planned media features for YouTube and other social sites as well as the general music press.
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Where can I find the Band Playing... ?

  • Check this site for latest gigs
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Why doesn't my record store have FocknRollers music... ?

  • The FocknRollers have music online continuously downloadable, continuously streaming and continuously being pirated worldwide.
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Who is Blan Alaruce... ?

  • Blan Alaruce is a famous anchor man and TV (WTACSS 24) personality interviewer of a very high standing in the music business and other high profile media scenarios.
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What is Underground... ?

  • Underground is when many people follow the band without it surfacing to the general public - a sort of 'cult' following that will follow the band to the 'ends of the earth' and back. The FocknRollers™ are riding a wave right now in the underground and if you have not heard of them? Hey where have you been?
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When is the Movie out... ?

  • Anytime in June or July 2012 for worldwide release. All rights are already applied, copyrights and trade marks are also applied and of course all rights are reserved worldwide. If you want the band to appear please contact them from the contact us page on this site and the management will get back to you in the not too distant future. Please understand that there is a queue which you will be entered in and we don't allow queue hoppers to jump ahead.
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