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FocknRollers™ on the Silver Screen

new-movie-focknrollersTheres a brand new look to these great musicians brought to you by Blan Alaruce (WTACSS 24). This new Rockumetary is coming to a cinema near you in July says Blan Alaruse and you had better be ready for it - the FocknRollers™ have a big effect on anyone who watches them.

Updated: August 10th 2012


FocknRollers™ new Rockumentary Movie

FocknRollersBlan Alaruce, the world famous interviewer (of channel WTACSS 24)  is making a Rockumentary film about the FocknRollers™ as you have never seen them before. This world famous underground band is set to tell all in this new movie coming soon

Updated: August 8th 2012


FocknRollers™ Rock LA

focknrollers-gigsThe FocknRollers™ are set to rock LA over the coming few months - check out these guys if you think you know all about Rock Bands - then think again - these guys are the REAL deal.

Updated: August 7th 2012

Video footage of the FocknRollers™


So who ARE the FocknRollers and who made the movie?

The FocknRollers are an undeground rock band from Los Angeles California USA (LA). They have been around for years and have some of the most awesome sounds you can get from a guitar.

These guys use all the latest gear and have very unique methods of generating those tones and remain legendary throughout LA. Indeed many LA bands refuse to back them.

The band comprises of Mingwie YellScream (guitar) and Carless Sultana (guitar) with other musicians being taken on at will throughout the USA and Europe.

WTACSS 24 NEWS TV and Radio channel recently interviewed the band. The interviewer (Blan Alaruce) eventually developed what is certainly the best rockumentary of all time in the world today. Alaruce gets to where frankly other interviewers cannot get, with extremely frank and insightful views in to the bands core and fabric.

So much so that Blan Alaruce, for this movie won a Grammy award.

The movie has now been released and what follows can only be described as Rockumentous!




FocknRollers Emulator or Emulators with 'Carless'


FocknRollers 'Carless Dreaming' Scene


FocknRollers at Huntington Beach LA


YellScreams Daughter on his Tee Shirt Scene


FocknRollers at San Diago Sports Arena


FocknRollers at the Whisky a  GoGo LA

Recent NEWS bulletin featuring Alaruce of WTACSS 24 NEWS

 Recent Trailer featuring the FocknRollers visiting sites around LA


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